Stories & Essays


“Betrayed” – Gulf Coast

“Fox Hollow” – Ploughshares

“Little Painter” – Terrain


“Intimate Terrains: Contemporary German Cinema, Migration, and the Films of Aysun Bademsoy” – Senses of Cinema

“Genre as a Vessel for Presence” — Brevity

“‘The People Are Missing’:  New Refugee Documentaries and Carceral Humanitarianism” – Senses of Cinema

“Gender, Race, and Credibility in the Age of Trump” — Women’s Review of Books

“‘A Place without Parents’: Queer and Maternal Desire in the Films of Christian Petzold” — Senses of Cinema

“Unsettling the World:  Memoir as Sociopolitical Intervention”  – AWP 2018

“Racial and Ethnic Justice in the Creative Writing Course” – Gulf Coast

“Hip Joints” – Indiana Review

Considering Garlands: On Anthologies, curated by David Lazar

“Where the Story Begins and Ends: Practically a Fairy Tale” – Origins

“Tartt’s Multicultural Fantasy” – Salon

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“Turn of Faith” – New York Times